Faith United Church of Christ


  • Began as the German Evangelical Reformed congregation at a church at Bethel.
  • Holding services at ramsburg's school house (near present Bethel church).



  • Joint property of the Reformed and Lutheran congregation was built on the site of the present Bethel church.
  • charter membership was 122.



  • Congregation withdrew from bethel location and decided to erect a new Church in charlesville (present site of faith church).
  • Work on the new church commenced in August of 1881.
  • Church was completed and name was changed to Zion Reformed Church in January of 1882.


  • On May 22, the original Zion Church was almost destroyed by lightning, leaving only the walls standing.
  • The building had no insurance at the time.
  • A Committee was formed and donations were made to help rebuild the church.



  • In July of 1903, Work to rebuild the church started.
  • In May of 1904, The Church was finsihed and there was a dedication ceremony.



  • The Church purchased 2 1/3 acres of land for expansion of parking area and for cemetary use.
  • Saint Paul's Church voted to merge with Zion Church.
  • The Congregation voted and decided to change the name from Zion Church to Faith Church.


  • In May, The erection of a Christian Education Building, Fellowship, and community center facility was authorized.
  • In November, the building was finished.
  • In December, 3.07 acres of additional land was purchased.
  • The new building consists of 6 classrooms on the lower floor and the fellowship hall, kitchen, fireside room/library, and pastor's office on the upper floor. The building is joined to the sanctuary by an enclosed arcade.


  • The church erected a Parsonage on the grounds.